serving : 125
Flavour : unflavoured
Sale price$59.99 NZD


Elevate your workout intensity and muscle gain with Darkside Creatine HCL, a superior form of creatine that is chemically bonded with hydrochloride molecules for enhanced solubility and absorption. Our advanced formula is engineered to maximize your strength, power, and performance by facilitating quicker uptake of creatine into your muscles.

Ideal for athletes and bodybuilders seeking a high-quality creatine supplement, Darkside Creatine HCL supports muscle hydration, improves energy levels, and aids in post-workout recovery for optimal training results.

  • Enhanced Solubility: The hydrochloride molecule in Darkside Creatine HCL improves its solubility, promoting efficient uptake and less bloating compared to creatine monohydrate.
  • Peak Performance Support: Amplify your strength and power output during high-intensity workouts for superior performance enhancements.
  • Optimized Recovery: Supports muscle cell hydration and recovery, helping you return to peak condition faster after strenuous exercise.

Creatine Hydrochloride (HCL) 1,000mg.

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