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The Darkside Ultra Bolic Muscle Maker is a supplement used by bodybuilders and athletes alike, used to accelerate your quest for new lean muscle mass with Ultra Bolic.

Ultra Bolic is the latest creation for the muscle-building category from Darkside, relying on a simpler and slightly different set of ingredients compared to Dark Mass.

The brand has packed this one with respectable dosages of ecdysterone and laxogenin, with each of its 60 single-capsule servings featuring half a gram of the former and 50mg of the latter.

It is worth noting Darkside’s Ultra Bolic has 60 servings per bottle, so if you double it for 30, you will get a gram of ecdysterone and 100mg of laxogenin, although the brand only direct users to take one capsule a day.

Ultra Bolic Features

  • Supports natural muscle gain
  • Improves power and strength
  • 60 Capsules

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