Everyday Health

Flavour: Mango
Servings: 25
Sale price$75.00 NZD


What is EVERYDAY HEALTH? The way Everyday Health came to fruition was looking at the Everyday person and how To offer EVERYDAY HEALTH to EVERYDAY PEOPLE. So, what does Everyday Health look like for the Everyday People? The busy Mums and Dads? The high strung corporate types? The weekend warriors? The gym junkies? The workaholics? Those new to their fitness journey? Well there were some trends! People are, on the whole: 1)Stressed With so much on their plates and the busy, chaotic lives we lead, we found the everyday person to be overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out in general! This was a key consideration for making Everyday Health. 2) Inflamed (particularly Gut inflammation) With Chronic stress, poor diets, alcohol, coffee, over working, under recovering and generally leading a chaotic life, Inflammation was an inevitability. This was a key consideration for making Everyday Health. 3) Over fed and Under Nourished So many people have plenty of Macros with none of the Micros. With industrial scale farming practices, weathered and damaged soils and the nature of the food industry, people are over consuming calorie laden processed fast food and under eating the nutrient dense, quality produce we need for optimal health! This was a key consideration for making Everyday Health. 4) Poor Gut Health This was a key consideration for making Everyday Health-Assist in the digestion, assimilation of nutrients and overall microbiome and bacterial balance of the gut! 5) Dysfunctional Immune Systems In this over stressed, under nourished, inflamed society, our Immune System is always under assault! The regulation of your immune system and supporting it with key nutrients and medicinal compounds was a key consideration in Everyday Health. 6) Under Eating Fruits and Vegetables So How Does This all Relate to Everyday Health? This product was built to offer a WELLNESS FORMULA to the Everyday Person.

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