LEGIT MELT Fatburner

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Sick and tired of hitting a wall with weight loss, and always feeling like fluid retention simply won’t budge? Get ready for Legit's most comprehensive fat burning supplement, designed to Melt away fat and get you leaner in no time!

Melt by Legit works in three major ways- to give you boundless energy, scorching calorie burning and beating hunger cravings in their tracks. The secret is in a comprehensive formula with ingredients that are clinically dosed, for that maximum melt factor.

Ingredients breakdown

Acetyl L-Carnitine- boundless energy and fat burning potential. Helps to move fat into the mitochondria of our cells, to be used as energy.

GBBGO- Gamma-Butyrobetaine helps to make more Carnitine available in our blood, ready to fuel our body. As Carnitine is taken into the cell easier, studies have shown training performance, fat burning and endurance can increase.

Alpha GPC & Theobroma cacao- Boosts your mood and assists with training harder, for longer. Both ingredients increase circulation to the brain and musculoskeletal system.

Bitter Orange- Great for keeping those afternoon snack attacks away. Stops cravings for sugar and helps to control appetite.

Dandelion and Juniper Berry extract- Helpful to support the body in removing excess water, and give a leaner appearance.

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