Rival Men multivitamins

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Everyone knows that real foods are the best sources of nutrients, but most athletes fall short in certain areas. That’s where a multivitamin comes in. A well-designed formula does more than just plug nutritional gaps and help promote overall wellness; a good multi delivers higher levels of immune supporting vitamin D, antioxidant A, C, & E, energy-releasing B-complex, and a team of other ingredients to help optimize performance. *

Packed with over 50 active ingredients including 13 vitamins, 11 minerals, essential amino acids, phyto-functional extracts, and digestive enzymes, RIVALMEN™ isn’t just another multi; it’s a comprehensive micronutrient complex formulated specifically for hard working athletes – just like you. *

Comprehensive micronutrient coverage.
50+ active ingredients.
22 vitamins and essential minerals.
1,500 IU vitamin D3.
Antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and botanical extracts.
High-potency B-complex family.
Lutein, lycopene, and astaxanthin.

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