Rule 1 baR1

Flavours: Birthday cake
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Rule 1 baR1 Crunch Bars

We could wax lyrical about the 20g of protein in every bar, and trumpet the presence of much-needed BCAAs and EAAs, but if the Rule 1 baR1™ Crunch Bars weren't bursting with flavor, a heavenly crunch, and the portability of a performance food, we wouldn't be chatting about 'em right now.
  • ZERO Gluten
  • ZERO Trans Fat
  • ZERO Gelatin
  • ZERO Prep Time
Tantalizingly Crisp
Crispy and chunky, each baR1™ Crunch Bar gives you 20g of protein and only 8g of net carbs - that's enough to make your taste buds (and stomach) happy! R1 really kicks it up a notch when it comes to yumminess and nutritiousness.
  • 20g protein from whey and milk
  • Naturally-packed with EAAs/BCAAs
  • 12-15g hunger-filling fiber
  • 0-3g added sugar
  • 5-8 grams net carbs

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