Zombie Labs Extreme stimulant pre

Flavours: Possessed Pine Mango
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Extreme Stimulant Pre Workout

• Contains 400mg of Caffeine per 20g Serve
• 6000mg of Citrulline Malate & 200mg of English Walnut
• A Massive 4,200mg of Beta-Alanine
• Pumps, Energy & Focus

Time to rise from the dead with Zombie Labs Cross-Eyed. What is Cross-Eyed? It is Zombie Labs ultra-high stimulant pre-workout, the strongest pre in their range & here to raise hell. It's for the guys and girls who want more from their pre-workout, extra energy, focus, power and performance.

Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout Benefits

Perform Like a Zombie - Zombies never stop and neither should you. Cross-Eyed will make you go full zombie mode with your workout or game.

Skin Tearing Pumps - Feel your skin tingling and stretching as you reach Zombie Pump status. Enhanced blood flow supports Zombie Gains.

Insane Energy - The extreme blend of caffeine and English Walnut gives you that beyond-living-dead boost to keep you hunting for greater results.

Hyper Focus - Zombies stay focused on one goal and one goal only. This nootropic blend will keep you single-mindedly focused on your goals during your workout.

Superhuman Strength - A Zombie's strength is beyond human. Cross-Eyed contains ingredients shown to support muscle fibre recruitment.

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