Zombie Labs Infected High Stim Pre-workout

servings : 40
Flavours : Raspberry Ripper
Sale price$69.99 NZD


Perform like a Zombie and never stop despite the barriers in front of you. Infected by Zombie Labs provides you with all the nutritional support you’d need to go FULL ZOMBIE during each session or just getting through daily life! Enhanced Blood Flow will leave your skin stretching and tearing as your reach ZOMBIE levels of PUMP! This increased blood flow will help you achieve next level zombie gains from clinical dosing of pure Citrulline! But it doesn’t end there! Infected contains a very precise and intense blend of energy boosting nutrients designed to give you that beyond the living dead boost! Zombie Labs have smashed this pre-workout out the park with high stimulants enough to raise the dead, skin splitting pumps and the focus to help you devour all the brains… ahem gains you’d ever want!

Infected by Zombie Labs key features: 

  • High stimulant energy
  • Hyper focus nootropic blend 
  • Skin splitting zombie pumps + performance 

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